When mothers and daughters join forces in the beauty industry

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What is common between The Beat House Cosmetics, SuperFood Lx, SisRoot, Okiki Skincare, Elephant § Bamboo? There are all beauty brands created by mothers and daughters, founded by black women and targeting women with all skin types.
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In these two-generation businesses, roles are generally well defined: the mothers know the recipes and formulas (that they have usually learned from their own mother) whereas the daughters are experts in communication, marketing and digital.

The Beat House Cosmetics develops makeup products, while SuperFood Lx and Sis Root develop natural products for hair with specific products to fight against hair loss. Okiki skincare develops beautiful, handcrafted and natural personal and home care products, while Elephant & Bamboo develops home fragranced and hand washing products.

Why is it inspiring?

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Because the mother-daughter combo is part of the DNA of these brands and not only a communication strategy like we used to see in Europe (think of Comptoir des Cotonniers’ ads in the early 2000’s) or in Morocco recently (see below the MarocMaroc’s advertising campaign for its latest anti-ageing product Cactéa). With The Beat House Cosmetics, SuperFood Lx, SisRoot, Okiki Skincare and Elephant § Bamboo, not only the mother-daughter combo conveys a meaning of transmission but above all a meaning of women empowerment. By showcasing mother and daughter entrepreneurs who partnered to launch their business together, these brands are creating new narratives about women empowerment and financial female independence.

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In Morocco, the narrative is more about transmission and tradition. The country boasts ancestral beauty rituals and some cosmetic brands like the high-end brand MarocMaroc uses the mother-daughter combo in its communications to convey an idea of transmission between generations as the brand is fully inspired by the ancestral beauty routines of Moroccan women. As an example, for its 2021 mother day campaign on social media, MarocMaroc released a video starring the local influencer Douja BlekHayat showing to her daughters how to use MarocMaroc products.

Take-outs for brands

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The mother-daughter combo is endless and ageless in communication strategy. It can be used for different categories, different consumer targets and different cultural contexts because it appeals to emotions and to the human being in every consumer.

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It can convey tradition, history and transmission but also modernity, courage, engagement and empowerment, depending on the cultural context.

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What about a three-female-generation trend in communication strategy? grandmother- mother -daughter? ....