The significance of the Louis Vuitton monogram

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Louis Vuitton Monogram - LV Dream Museum

Have you ever wondered where the two main symbols of the Louis Vuitton monogram – the star and the flower- come from?

It’s a very well-kept secret, but one thing is sure: they are universal and full of meaning, making them fundamental strategic tools for the brand to spread without losing its soul.

One quick stroll at the Louis Vuitton Dream Museum in Paris, and you realize that these shapes are actual iconic symbols, worked on different materials, media and objects: books, jewels, keyholders, chocolates, stools, decorative figurines.

Do they represent luck (four-leaved clovers), directions (wind roses that indicate the four cardinal points), time (the four seasons of the year) or the four elements: fire, air, water and earth? 

We are free to give our own interpretation, which is why this monogram is so rich. The meanings are endless, but one thing is sure: these two symbols are critical components of the brand’s identity and a rich exploration tool between the brand’s past and future. They allow the brand to explore new territories and signs of expression without losing its substantial heritage and core identity.